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Action X crew skills and equipment options? - Medium Tanks Action X crew skills and equipment options? - posted in Medium Tanks: Hello. Wondering what opinions players have on crew skills and equipment for the Action X medium tank? I was thinking Vert stab, but unsure of rammer, vents and coated … Celebrate St. Patrick's Day Aboard a Tank | Special Offers Inspired by the Irish National Day, we designed a massive special for you, commanders! Ranked Battles | General | Guide

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World of Tanks Supertest: IS-M Details - Also, as I forgot to mention, we got a new equipment system and a new currency called spare parts, new camo, an additional equipment slot called provisions where you ... T29 Equipment : WorldofTanks - reddit /r/TankPorn for all things Tanks and Armoured Fighting Vehicles ... T29 Equipment (self.WorldofTanks) ... You only have three equipment slots; ... The Equipment Guide - World of Tanks Blitz official forum

+ Balance: Tanks with extra equipment slots will have increased post-battle repair costs, but tanks that are ENRICHED with GOLD will not have these extra costs. + Balance: If a player sells a tank, then its extra equipment slots are simply lost. If he purchases the same type of tank in future, he must...

World of Tanks - NA Account - 16k battles / 20-Premium 2019-5-16 · Home Forums > Main Marketplaces > World of Tanks Accounts - Buy Sell Trade > World of Tanks Accounts - Buy Sell Trade > World of Tanks - NA Account - 16k battles / 20-Premium Tanks / 13-Tier X 4k Gold / 14 Million Credits / 84 Tanks in garage +3 slots. ... ~Equipment in Depo (mounted and unmounted) Garage Slots x3 Camo Net x27 World of Tanks Equipment Guide - WoT Guru This World of Tanks equipment guide will touch on what each piece of equipment in World of Tanks does and whether or not it is worth putting on your tank. To find specific equipment load-outs for a certain tank hop over to the tank guide/review section which will cover equipment for specific tanks listed there.

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World of Tanks Blitz - Heads Up! Equipment In update 3.8, the mechanics for equipment will be reworked. Closer to the update’s release date, we’ll share all the details about the equipment. For now, please check out our video where you can learn a bit more about the upcoming changes … World of Tanks Economics You can change the exterior of your vehicle by purchasing paints, main styles and effects. They are available for Tier VI, VIII, IX and X researchable vehicles, as well as for Tier VI and VIII Premium vehicles. World of Tanks - MadFoxx.NET Were a small clan, no drama, no tons of rules, just shooting tanks and having fun in platoons mostly. We have our own team speak server, own audio stream and various other services available for our members.